Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Toy Drawing 6: Reader Popeye Studies

Not so easy as it looks, huh?

I would like to see a little more construction. See the forms that make up the overall outline-and then how each individual form flows into each other.
Of course you have all thought of the obvious analogy of cartoons and chainsaws. Like, what if the same people who run the cartoon business got ahold of the chainsaw industry? My take on that is coming...


Trevor Thompson said...

Here's my first Popeye study!

Trevor's Popeye Studies

Thanks John!

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

I've also tried drawing these Popeye studies. He's a little tricky! I like how each pose has a different line of action.

Would you mind?



Oliver_A said...

I guess chainsaws would lack the sharp spikes in order to keep you from cutting peaceful trees, and would need to be hand-cranked, since it saves lots of gas and an expensive motor.

litlgrey said...

Here's a different kind of Popeye study: Find two of Dave Fleischer's most magnificent tributes to Noble Manly Violence, both from 1936 when the series truly hit its stride: "Brotherly Love" and "Clean Shaven Man." Notice the distinction between violence and actual hate. These shorts are not about hate - there is an exuberance and a charm that few other animators were ever able to capture, and especially in such a gritty and urban way. The Fleischers only rarely showed interest in capturing the exotic travel aspect of the Segar original - they took the characters and molded them convincingly for urban audiences like themselves. Look at how they captured the essence of brilliant studio animation and made comedy which endures over seventy damn years later.

SoleilSmile said...

That poor crying tree! And No Sir, you don't like that Mr. Horse!

SoleilSmile said...

Ack! Delete the last comment! Why do I always post under the wrong topic?!

Lohen said...

Whoah! All these are really good!
If you have time, take a look at my "homework".

Popeye Toy and more

Thanks! Critics are welcome!

Severin said...

Took a stab at it. I feel pretty confident in it for a first pass, but I think I should take some spinach and give it another try.

Michael said...

The Oscar for Best Use of Chainsaw Visual and Audio Effects goes to DJ Shadow's Walkie Talkie music video.

JoJo said...

Here's my try. Let me know what you think:

Popeye Toy


JoJo said...

Thanks. I'll work on my wobbliness. I think it's a confidence thing.

David Omar said...

Whoa, Mr. K.

You really make a fella confront how much work is still left to be good at this cartoon stuff.

Here is my try:


-David O.

S. M. Denman said...

Hi John, I did some more studies: Here

What do you think?
Thanks :)

LeoBro said...

Working on using more construction:
Popeyes continued

Javier Delfino (javoc) said...

Increibles bocetos e imagenes. love your work, from argentina. Saludos.