Friday, November 06, 2009

The correct way for animators to hold a Chainsaw 4

My friend Spaz (Steve Wiliams) - the man behind the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park - is helping me to see how you really hold a chainsaw because it is hard to draw such a tricky grip and he's sick of us animators being made fun of for being girly-men. A real man should be able to draw a chainsaw grip - while watching Popeye cartoons.
ok, John. this is the correct way to hold a saw. Pay some Goddamn attention for once, will ya? either right handed or left handed. and you don't need eye or ear protection. it's boring and you can't hear the blade turning. when you go to cut wood, attack it with your foot holding it down like you're holding down a hippy. this saw is a Husqvarna 362 and is bad ass. the Swedes made good saws and good clogs. their hockey players are pretty good too, but nothing like Canadian players. Swedes won't fight either.


Spaz on Chain Saw Sculpture
i see one of your contributors spoke of "chain saws for sculpture". this is possible , but in my mind not fag art , like ice sculpting. look at this beautiful mantle of oak i carved with this saw. Canadiana and won't melt. then you can hang all your deceased dog collars from it. at Christmas it's the most authentic hearth on the block .. with hanging stockings. that gun is my great grandfathers. i smuggled it across the US/Canada border a few years ago. i built the fire place too. these rocks are from the creek. no one knows how to do this anymore , especially Cal arts animators who think they're tough