Saturday, November 21, 2009

large and larger shirts still left

Some folks have lamented that we are running out of large and extra large shirts. Here's what we have left for you.
John K's JimmyJimmy Backwith beautiful meat on both front and back. Make your mother proud who packed this lunch for you!
Jimmy with Realistic Olive Loaf
still have large and X large left
We also have one signed by meJohn K's Jimmy  Signed by John K

Donald Bastard
still have small medium, large, X large left - wear this and no one will F*** with you.

Blen and Kubercheebie
Still have medium and large left. Transport yourself to Mars in this handsome space shirt.


Blen and Kubercheebie Womens
Everything up to 2x large left. no mediums left. This will show off your best assets.

Sody Pop
Medium, large, X large left

George Liquor
George Liquor
Alas, we have only small George Liquor shirts left, but grab the last few before they are gone if they fit you! If you need a large or larger, let me know in the comments. If enough folks want one, I will print some more.

Click the Republican to order some shameless products of Capitalism.
George Fist


Anonymous said...

Hey john, you should do a post about Clutch Cargo- that show's great

Zachary H. said...

Hey John, I asked a question a while back about the Ren and Stimpy comics from the early 90's that Marvel did and whether you had any control over those. I still have about 25 issues of it, it was one of the first comics I ever read (a side from the Disney comics which I still have too) Love the T-shirts by the way, I bought the Dust Mites one from you at Comic-Con this year. It was a real treat meeting you, I have the picture of Ren and Stimpy you drew for me framed on my wall. Here's a link to it, as I sure you don't remember all the sketches you drew that day.

JohnK said...

Hey Zac

take a picture wearing the shirt and I'll use you in the next ad.


Your pal,

Eidenbrock said...

I bought a Donald, I'd still like a medium or large....
Got a Sody for my sister too!

JohnK said...

a medium or large of which design?

Toncho said...

Hey John, you gotta hook me up!! I WANT a "Signed-by-the-allmighty-JohnK-shirt" I like Jimmy's but I'll take Donald's or George's I don't care xD.

1: How much?

2: Which is best, shipping to Mexico or El Paso, TX?


Zachary H. said...

Awesome! Here's two pictures.

IgnorantBliss said...

HeyheyHeyhey :D I wear a small, being a teen and all. If i purchase that george Liqour shirt, I being a young Republican, could get into all sorts of conservative shenanigans :D
But seriously I might considering purchasing that fine shirt

RooniMan said...

Gotta get me an XL on the Jimmy and Donald Bastrd shirts.

Eidenbrock said...

Oh sorry- a George! He's my favorite!

ca60gregory said...

Ill take a Donald for sure, the idea of not being F***ed with anymore is pretty exciting!

Duvel said...

I'm dying to get a George shirt, please make payment by Paypal available!

Tanuki said...

I'll take a lummox-sized George shirt if it is possible. Any chance of tall sizes?

Michelle said...

i am quite HUSKY would love anything in double x.olive loaf jimmy IS my fave,but I'd be happy with any. I want to wear your shirts! BIG SOFA

Michelle said...

I am quite HUSKY and would love anything in double x. Olive loaf Jimmy is my fave but I won't be picky. I want to wear your shirts! BIG SOFA