Sunday, November 15, 2009

L.o. 3a: Constructing a pose: Kaspar Tiptoe rough layout

Jojo was over the other night and so I showed him how to translate a storyboard pose into a layout pose.
Here's the pose. Notice that it's a scribble. Not every line is meant t be taken literally. You have to maintain the pose and the guts and expression, but make a finished sensible constructed drawing, using logic (and appeal).

You should see the action in context of the story:

It's hard to put some of these things into words; it's better to demonstrate in person, but I'll try:

DRAW FORMS FIRST- my blue lines indicate the forms underneath the details. I started by doing the body pose in blue because that's the biggest part of the picture. I didn't start with the eye or the feet.

Forms are:

The body shape

the feet- made of more than one piece and bendable
Hands and fingers are 2 forms. Then group of finger form is divide up into individual finger forms.
Cheek and Smile line make a form in between them
This smile and cheek line below is wrong; because they don't together make a shape. They aren't related like they should be.

Eye masketc.

many of the forms weave in and out of each other

each form is organic but solid - and you draw them all the way through - even under things that cross over them

Hairs, Details
do details last. Remember that the negative shapes between the hairs have to be above the body form. They can't cut holes through the form.
Lines are just borders around the forms. When drawing, look between the lines at the shapes they are bordering. Make the shapes appealing and sensible.


Trey Brown said...

this was very helpful. i love how kaspar's feet in this pose. and each foot is made up of about 4 different solid yet complicated shapes. very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, when was the last time you talked to Jack Black? You should try to talk to him about doing more animation since he's super rich and all. He'd probably love to pay for a kaspar cartoon!

Isaac said...

I can't put my finger on it, but this is vastly more Disney than most of your drawings. Very marketable.

ThomasHjorthaab said...

Hey John!
Great great GREAT post!
I've done two more Kaspar's, if you'd like to take a look... I tried not to make any straight lines;)


cheers pal!

Cody Clarke said...

I love Kaspar's innocence here. One of my favorite things about your cartoons is how abrasive or jerky characters like Ren or George Liquor will have moments where they look more adorable than any other character!

Anonymous said...

Sound! This is exactly what i needed! Thanks!

Crystal(RB) said...

Thank You!

LeoBro said...

John, thanks for continuing to explain this. Every example helps. This post helps me see what's wrong with my last try. You're teaching me a very different way of thinking about drawing than how I was approaching it, so I've been slow to catch on. Still not there, but feeling like I'm slowing getting it.

Bob Lilly said...

Since I have been following your posts, I occasionally practice construction of forms. Most drawings by me are done in two stages. Stage 1 is a scribble, stage 2 is a clean up drawn in ink. I now lean pretty much in the direction of construction. Is it impossible to draw in terms of "forms" without the construction steps? It sure seems so. Thanks John.

Anonymous said...

Once I tackle one of your Kaspar doodles, I'll take these notes to heart.

Oh, and here is another digital ink attempt.

Any critique's are appreciated.

From an aspiring animator/ cartoonist

LeoBro said...

Part of the assignment is to make it "logical," but my personality tends to be analytical, so I worry that by being too logical I lose the cartooniness. It's always a judgment call, isn't it? Sometimes I think my judgment is way off.

I'm looking at those toes. In the scribble, you were exaggerating the one toenail poking through the sock, and the other toenail being the focus of Kaspar's delicate en pointe tiptoe. So it made sense to only see one toe on each foot. In your cleanup, it looks like the other toes are missing. Is that the intention?

nktoons said...

Beautiful and funny drawings, John! Great interview with Ralph Bakshi,

John said...

Cool post John! I should have read it before I drew this Kaspar layout