Wednesday, November 18, 2009

National Review Caricatures

I was watching Fox News the other night and a funny commercial came on for the National Review. I guess it's a super right wing crazy magazine. The ad looked like it was made by a local TV station for 5 bucks.

But all the covers had these great caricatures!
They must have a really good art director.
They showed some killer caricatures of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid but I couldn't find those on the internets. If you have 'em and wanna scan 'em and send me links, I'll link back!
I really admire good caricaturists.
The ones that don't just copy the procedures and styles of other caricaturists.

The best ones have to be super observant and set aside their prejudices of what a caricature is supposed to look like, because everyone in real life looks completely different and you have to capture the individual's style and personality to be good.
I also like the caricaturists who capture the person's whole head shape, and not just wrap their individual features into a wobbly sack cloth with a random silhouette.
This is not easy to do. Takes a lot of brain power.

This last one is from another magazine but it's good too.

I wish more animation cartoonists applied some of the kind of thinking that caricaturists have to do in their work. I don't mean literally drawing human caricatures into cartoons. They'd be impossible to animate. No, I mean being more observant and breaking out of making cartoons based solely on other cartoons, instead of scouring the world with your eyes and brain, on the constant lookout for new things to make cartoons about and new ways to design characters that aren't just rehashes of well-known overused animation styles.

Getting your pencil to tap into your own view of the world instead of being a slave to certain habitual flicks of the wrists that always produce the same shapes and stories.


Ashel said...

Sorry John, for posting my studies right here! I was trying to look for a specific place to post these, but I don't know if you still check old posts. Forgive me for my sin.

Construction - Lesson 1

On topic - these caricatures are mind-blowing! It would be amazing to have the caricaturists' hands and eyes. I would like to have their observation one day.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing!

Like your closing point too.

Thanks for the advice yesterday, it certainly helped. Here are the studies i did after reading the contrasts post. Hope you have a chance to check them.

Kaspar after contrasts



David said...

Hey John,

Are my caricatures the kind you like or are they still too much like mainstream caricatures?

I'm still searching, but it's fun to do besides cartoons!

nktoons said...

I like the first and last drawings.....very appealing!

ThomasHjorthaab said...

Hey again John
Thanks so much for you critique!
I just have a question...
You said:
"the contrasts are a bit toned down"
Maybe I slept in the class, but I'm not sure what you by the contrasts... Can you help me out?

Cheers pal

Brian Goss said...

Thomas Fluharty does some of those caricatures from the National Review commercial. He's on blogspot, but his archives are screwed up. I've seen some hilarious caricatures of Pelosi by him.

Anyway, here's a link to his blog if you wanna see some of his sketches, etc:

Brian Goss said...
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Oscar Baechler said...

These are great! After scary monsters, caricatures are my favorite things to draw.

Speaking of caricatures, have you ever posted an opinion of Triplets of Belleville? It's not Disney, 3D or surface-only stylized 2D, so I'm intrigued about what you'd say to defend not liking it. (I keed, I keed!)

Will Finn said...

These look like the work of the remarkable John Kascht. His website is amazing. Great Bill Murray.

RooniMan said...

Never saw those before. They look fantastic!

Slightly said...

I always thought the cartoonist for The Economist was quite good. (E.g. )

(Apologies for hideous long link.)

Dorseytunes said...

The first cover is priceless!

ThomasHjorthaab said...

Hey John
Here's more Kaspar studies!
If you got the time:)


Cheers pal

Brad said...

well said.

Brian Godinez said...

Hi John- Great post. This is the type of information I should print and tack to the wall to keep me honest when I'm drawing. Thanks for the insight.

Amanda H. said...

I wish I knew how to do caricatures :(

Moro Rogers said...

I think these are by a guy named Roman Genn. (PS, don't ask me why I know.=p)

Guy said...

Oscar: Yeah, he did. He said the colors look like the inside of a toilet bowl, or something like that. He uses it as an example of "pee and poo" colors.

Brian Goss said...

I found some really good examples of Thomas Fluharty's work, John. I think you'll like them.

Redneck and Obama

Obama as Hamlet

I was wrong about him doing covers for NR. He only works for The Weekly Standard. They run the same types of ads on Fox as NR.

David Germain said...

Yeah, truly good caricature is tough to do. Well, maybe more time consuming then tough really. I've been doing that quite a bit lately with results ranging from decent to awful. I plan to make a blog post all about it in the near future. However, a few other loose ends have to be taken care of first. I really can't wait to post it all.

Michael said...

My lame claim to fame:
Robert Risko famous caricature artist for Vanity Fair, etc... did my portrait for a few bucks when he was like 18 years old and starting out on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ.

/\/\ikeB said...

Actually that level of detail could be possible in CG.