Thursday, November 26, 2009

L.O. 3b: More Kaspar translations to Layout from Storyboard

This is how I block out poses. Then I stare at them and se what looks toned own.
I see that the expressions have lost a bit -especially in the eyes, so I am gonna go back and push them farther.

But I also was flipping the 2 drawings to make sure they moved right, which further complicates the process of layout while trying to maintain the life of the storyboard.


Niki said...

Ah~! I see it and I think I may know what's wrong! The two sketches don't have the eyebrow-(like) lines! cause whenever I draw something and I don't put in eyebrows it looks like a blank face.

Lohen said...

I like the eyes in the original, and how they are on top of the nose. Why did you decide to fix it?

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated, but I found this link in my archive of comic sites. Thought you'd dig this guy's layouts of his covers.
Don't know much about the artist himself, but I think his stuff is right up your alley. Nice simple inkwork, too.

LeoBro said...

Kaspar vs. sock