Monday, November 16, 2009

Toenails 10 - The Shock Of The Real

Never is there such glee as when man gets to slip on his first spring underthings."As shoon ass Ve are Shnug in our Onderfings, ve can take a nice cold shower!"

Ruthenia is particularly prized for the quality of its snappy elastic sock and waistbands.
Uh oh! Little Horst senses a disturbence in his nether regions.
He feels no snugness today. Can this truly be spring?
In a flash his papa, experienced in the ugly parts of life, knows who's to blame for this atrocity. "Only vun wrrretched creature vould do soch a ting!"
The ruiner of all precious treasures enjoys his well-earned moment of spite.
"Who eesh dat ting all coovered een hairss, Tato? Whoooo?"

Thanks to you generous folks who cherish your cartoon stories you can't get on TV and lessons they didn't give in school! I know it's a tough time out there, so it's extra appreciated.


Shawn Dickinson said...

I donated too..How come my name isn't on the list?

JohnK said...

Hi Shawn. You sure did. It wasn't on the last list?

Let me check...

Michael said...

John K,
Do you know Joe Frank? I'm a big fan of his work like yours as well. I think his site and his work might be a good model for how you might make this site work and continue to create the best work. Check out his site and maybe you can talk with him about how it's working for him.

JohnK said...

Hi Shawn, OK I found you. You donated on the same day I last posted the list, so I though you were on the last list. Sorry about that and thanks for your large donation!

Pick up a shirt when you are over next!

JohnK said...

Hi Michael, I don't know Joe Frank. Do you have a link?

Kristina said...

Hahaha >.>

When I was little, I always wished that the bad guys could be the main characters. The good guys were so lame that you couldn't help but sympathize with the villains.

Whit said...

The panel with Kaspar laughing riotously over what he has done is magic. If not a catchphrase, "Nyar nyar nyar nyar!" is a cultural touchstone for some future moment, like about a week from today.

Anonymous said...

I love a well-earned moment of spite in the morning!

You still thinking of selling some of these panels? I'll certainly take a few if you are.

Tried some more kaspar studies - any chance you could take a look?



Niki said...

Hey John K, Have you heard of Frank Morrison?
He's become my newest hero!

Whit said...

A Barry Jackson influence in the paintings of Frank Morrison, though he's taking it in another direction.

SQUIGGLE said...

love this blog, just found it recently and have read everything back to 2007! It's amazing even if it depresses me that I'll never have the talent to do what you do. thanks for doing it.

John said...

Ha! I love how you drew him all squished up on the 2nd page.

Kaspar is fun to draw!

Alishea said...

Hey JohnK,
How many animators were "self-made?" Any great examples?

I recently had a friend hand me contact information for Larry Scholl, who claims he is a self-made animator. I'm curious how much cloutor whatever you need to get a job you would have at being "self-made" (or learning and mastering all the animation technique alone) opposed to being schooled with degree from CalARts or RISD or wherever.
I'm applying to many of these colleges to transfer, and need a little advice from someone in the business. Pretty please & thank you?!

RooniMan said...

No comfy wasitbands = Worst spring ever.

Michael said...

Hi John,

You may have heard him on KCRW in the late 90's early 2000's.

Check out what he does under the subscribe tab.

His work is way off the wall. Cutting edge like yours. You and him might see eye-to-eye when it come to the absurd and the irony. Unfortunately, he's no longer doing shows. I think he got burned out on the format or routine.

I think this Comcast commercial is inspired or maybe even written by him.

I found some short teasers of his work on iTunes also.

Tanuki said...

Love the accents. They sound like my grandpa who was Slovak - just a little north of Ruthenia.