Monday, November 02, 2009

Composition 12 - Clutter VS Composition


Paul B said...

wow, very clear!
an image speaks more than thousand words


ThomasHjorthaab said...

Clear point!

Niki said...

I've actually just started trying to study compositions. I started with Milton Caniff and I found some nice use in line!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. K,

I've really enjoyed these last few posts. Been trying some comic covers too if you'd care to take a look?



comic covers

Ryan said...

Of course, the cluttered one was deliberately trying to look complicated. It's easy to look complicated by looking cluttered, but it makes it hard to see anything but the mess.

I suppose this is a case where you're better off to build a hierarchy of mess, so you can see the whole as a mess, but the individual elements can still read clearly.

Do you have any good examples of things that look complicated but are still easy to look at?

introvert said...

I've always wanted to hear a few words from you on just what it is about these images that defines the distinction. Of course it makes sense that it's something that just has to be explained visually.

If you can understand what's going on in the image, then it's well composed. I've wrestled with this particular issue for so long, I never imagined the answer could actually be that simple!