Friday, October 23, 2009

Toenails 6 -

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Kaspar, being a creature of nature, is not sure what he has wrought, but just knows it feels so right.
His job is done.
His grip relaxes, releasing the ruined man thing.
With cocksure deftness he closes up the man's drawer, swings around and makes good his escape.

Hold, on wait a minute....more chemicals harken.
Slyness in the Ruthenian Bear is an adaptation to the harsh conditions of the Carpathian climate.
Clip clip clip clip clip
Snapitta clippita clippita, snip snip tyoink!

No need for these anymore. Might as well leave them for the next link in the chain of life.

One living thing's discarded keratin is another's much needed irritable

to be continued...