Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kaspar's Toenails 1. Wild Ruthenia

It's been a long and brutally cold winter in Ruthenia. Kaspar is in deep hibernation in his lair.Between snores, we hear his toenails growing ever longer.

Spring arrives. The snow melts, buds sprout, rocks come alive again.
A slavic pecker bursts out of a tree and flies into Kaspar's cave. In Ruthenia, God has assigned one woodcock per every bear as part of his perfect cosmic plan.

Kaspar is fast asleep, snoring as the springpecker is perched on his head.

Peck, peck,peck comes the rapidfire tapping of the birdie's little beak on Kaspar's unkempt noggin. Kaspar's eyes twitch and slowly open one at a time, ripping away the tranquil crusts of winter's slumber.
Kaspar is awake!
Up, alert and ready for spring habits.
He checks his toes.

Yes! The nails have grown extra long this year!

He wiggles them vigorously, forcing the warming blood to rush into his leathery lower digits.

To be continued...

BTW, I'm not sure how long I'm gonna keep the blog open, so if want any past lessons or resources, you might wanna snap them up now, while I think of some better way to bring back cartoony cartoons.

I never expected to get thousands of visitors a day, I just put it up for a few of my cartoon friends, but now it's become a stranger responsibility and understandably, personal opinions are not always welcome in public. Just that I have the opinion that there should be a place in the animation business for plain old cartoons to reach a wide audience seems to be a radical idea to some readers. Who could have guessed?

Thanks for all the nice comments. They are well appreciated!