Friday, October 23, 2009

Toenails 9 - Thanks Providence

Malynisky and his beloved surving infant son Horst shiver at the dresser, in dire need of soul-nurturing undergarments.Being from a very reverent lineage, Malynisky stops to insist they give thanks to the Great One who provideth snappy waistbands.

Tato (father) reaches for his most cherished graven image, handed down through generations of Slavic Ranger herds.
Young Horsts's infant breath is sucked away by the magic emanating from the Byzantine icon.
He is overwhelmed by the magesty of the greatest hero of all Slavdom.

It is not only permissible but in fact encouraged for males to kiss other males in Eastern European tradition. (I, unfortunately know this from direct experience!)
To be continued:

BTW, I'm thinking of offering all these original storyboards and sketches for sale. I wonder if any of you would be interested and whattaya think they'd be worth per page? I'd sign 'em of course.


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