Friday, October 23, 2009

Kaspar Toenails 8

The native Ukranian woodcock nests in Kaspar's esophagus, and comes out once a day to greet the morn.Tato wakes with a start at the screeching alarm.

Ranger Malynisky scratches and smacks himself to consciousness...
While Kaspar patiently waits for his rewards
Fully alert, the adult of the hominid species is eager to attend to his own instincts
He awakes his one surviving young
Off they march to their morning rituals
Kaspar being a primitive creature, has only 3 emotions: Hate, Kill and Mangle.
He hungers for the more sophisticated emotions of man and instinctively sets his traps that he might partake in the bountiful and complex reactions of the higher species who survives only by his mercy.
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George Fist