Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mighty's Benefit Plan 1 -

Hey the Bakshi Mighty Mouse cartoons are coming out on DVD soon.
World famous Jim Reardon wrote the script for this heartwarming episode. It was inspired by Bob Jaques' adventures working on the Chipmunk movie. He and I came up with the idea over lunch one day while working on Mighty Mouse. We were laughing our heads off in the car on the way back, never really thinking we could make the cartoon, but I pitched it to Ralph just for fun. He laughed and said "Make the Goddamn Picture!"
Here's a great couple of BG layouts drawn by Ted Blackman. It was probably painted by Vicki Jensen.
This is the cartoon show where "retro" and "wonky" really took off. It started a lot of trends. Of course, PeeWee was doing it at the same time in live action and he also started the trend. Our 2 shows played back to back on CBS' Saturday Morning block.

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Chipmunk LP

I loved this show as a kid!