Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Ripples - George Clark

Here's a guy who has almost every cartoon skill wrapped up together: great composition
Each individual shape is fun and designy, yet it fits neatly within a complex group of shapes
Just the shape of this car and window is beautiful on its own. Then it is filled with a beautiful grouping of flowing organic yet constructed characters
His poses all work together. They don't seem just pasted next to each other like some of those modern flat cartoons I've been making fun of. This is all thought out to make each object part of a whole composed picture.
He is a master of negative shapes between the flowing poses. The spaces between are as pretty as the forms they separate.
And then, like some other rare comic strip artists' work, all the individual panels are composed against each other to make the whole age look planned and designed.
I suspect that George Clark was a big influence on Owen Fitzgerald - and therefore Mort Drucker. Look their stuff up for similar approaches to composition, flow and design.

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