Thursday, October 08, 2009

Disney Eye Candy - Alice and Friends

I'm not crazy about Disney storytelling, but I have to admit that their cartoons sure are fun to look at - and even when they are translated into books by great artists like Mel Crawford and Al Dempster.
Mel Crawford has a more distinct style and his details are clearer, but on the other hand, Dempster's compositions and moods are wonderful.

Is there really any doubt that this wasn't a Golden Age for kids? What do we have today that can come even close to the fun and beauty of these?

2 approaches to holes.

Trees: I think Mel Crawford is a tree master. Dempster is below.

These illustrations are from Barbie's collection, which she is kind enough to share with the world.

Barbie's Disney Books

This is a beautifully drawn comic from a tiny digest I bought at a swap meet, so I'm sorry the definition isn't sharper.
I have no idea who this artist is, but he sure as hell can draw!

Look at the perspective and positioning of Alice's cankles. Fantastic drawing!

There is a modern painter of eye candy too: