Friday, October 23, 2009

Toenails 5 - Underpants Opus, and Big Thanks

Story starts here if you just found the blog:

Wow. I'm overwhelmed by all the great response since I've returned. Thank you heartily!
I feel I owe you a special extra excitement in today's post.
Originally I was just gonna have Kaspar stretch the underwear bands and destroy them simply, but everyone seemed to have greater expectations. I hope I don't let you down.
So I went back and added this little action just for you.
Kaspar's instincts kick in. He seems to know that the red line is the support system of the man's most honored secret garment.
The clench of a Ruthenian bear has the pressure of 10,000 lbs per inch. Don't get your BVDs caught in it!
Now for some stretching. This performs 2 functions. It's good exercise for the bear and keeps his teeth healthy. Special amino acids in the elastic prevents gum disease.

The waistband is duly destroyed and no one could be prouder than our ferocious forest friend.
Aaaaah...but it's all in a day's work for Kaspar. These are the kind of simple joys that make life worth living.

There is a pungent residue left on the lips that tasted man's hider of nasties.

To be continued...

You know, this is an interesting medium. Unlike TV cartoons that take months to make and I don't see the reaction, here I get instant reaction from you, and it makes me think that this is sort of like when a stand up comic reacts to the crowd and alters his material on the spot. Maybe I should just do online comics like this and see if it turns into anything.

Of course I gotta find a way for it to pay the bills, and here I want to give an especial thank you to all who have donated in the last few months. I know these are tough times, so it's extra appreciated.


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