Friday, October 23, 2009

Toenails 4 and a new plaything

Kaspar admires his dastardly wreckage.

He places the torn socks back in the drawer.

Time to see what other fun is to be had.

What sort of thing is this?
Man surely is the oddest creature on the steppes.
Mischief chemicals surge through Kaspar.
His eyes shimmer in a dazzling display of changing colors
while the Heavenly Father in His infinite wisdom
plants the seed of demonic inspiration
into his ornery mortal brain.

MORE heinousness...


No Name said...

Hey, Mr. John K. I'm trying to learn to draw good cartoons by drawing lots of stuff from your blog.

But there are a few cartoon characters from a cartoon I'd like to draw, but I want to know if they're actually drawn well and if it's worth drawing them.

All you need to do is look at some pictures and say if they're good or bad in either a comment or an email once I post a link.

If you have the time for this, please respond so I can give you a link. Otherwise I'll stop bugging you.

Bob Lilly said...

Kaspar pretty much needs to try 'em on. Give the waistband a good snap.

Anonymous said...

If Kaspar tries those skivvies on, he's better be puttin' em on the wrong way -- like as a hat!

Sean said...

The last expression is golden.

Noel said...

That's a good idea man, board comics, even loose it's tight.

diego cumplido said...

I think Kaspar is the best of your "new" characters.

By the way, why would you shut down a blog that allows you to educate a whole new generation of animators worldwide without intermediaries? you've done it for years, why are you going to stop now? you just got tired of some comments?

Don't misunderstand me, I'm grateful about all the education you've given me and I know that you don't have any obligation with your public here. If you get tired, you can stop, as simple as that, of course.

I'm just not sure if I get it.

coolhand said...

i love how you draw on cheap lined paper its the best

Kaiser Fate said...

Are those... stink lines when he first opens the drawer? XD

Fata Morgana said...

Love love love that last drawing of Kaspar. I can just see the colors swirling in his eyes. :D

Jake Thomas said...

Kaspars face as he admires the pair of underwear is so funny. It is like a beam of light has come down from the heavens and he knows that it is his destiny to ruin the Rangers fruit of the looms.

Cristian AvendaƱo said...

Hi, Mr. K!

As many others, I've been a long time reader and first time poster. It's been a real pleasure to see your blog back, albeit for a little while.

To everyone who wants to keep the blog I reccomend Backstreet Browser. It's a program that downloads an entire web page, and lets you see it offline:

I just wanted to say that you have been a real inspiration for me. That I wanted to study animation, but I couldn't (money issues, bah). And that finding this blog has made feel happy of that! Seriously, I've learned more in this place than in any college I could have afforded. If your goal, John, was to make us fell in love with classic funny cartoons and draftmanship all over again, then the mission was accomplished.
Take care, mr. K! And good luck on your future projects!

Hugs from Chile!


P.D. If you ever como to South America on vacation, come to southern Chile! It's beautiful, especially on winter.

P.P.D. Not to sound like a bloodsucking vampire, but are you still accepting applicants for your online cartoon college? I'll do whatever it takes to learn from my childhood hero!

sharprm said...

Thx for the blog, it is how i learnt how to draw not rough. I try to point people towards it when they draw with bad construction. I hope it remains even if no comments allowed.

"He places the torn socks back in the drawer" It looks like you drew a small fluffy goat next to him on that pic. It could be an idea for a sidekick. Opposite of tintin with snowy.

The Artist Aficionado said...

If you haven't already you should think of pitching this idea to a television network. It would be very interesting like a Yogi Bear-Sasquatch hybrid.

Corax said...

Oh no, not the underwear! Mercy, Kaspar, mercy!

Brian Godinez said...

Mr. Kricfalusi- Just wanted to thank you for the great cartoons I continue to enjoy, and for the insight you have shared here.

I know I sound like a grandiose weirdo, but your postings have been the highlight of my art education. I feel like I have had an apprenticeship with a master. It has been like going to school and having your teacher be... well, John K!

As a kid, I knew that there was something different about Ren and Stimpy, even though I couldn't put into words what I felt it was. Now, I can.

You have given me knowledge I will use until my fingers are gnarled and my marbles are long gone. The degree I earned last May doesn't mean half as much to me as the postings on your blog or the Spumco Bigshot card that came with my set of Jimmy, George, and Sody pencil enhancers.

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Can't wait to buy the Spumco book. Thanks for everything.

Brian Godinez

Dragline said...

I was wondering if you tossed around the idea of making the rangers animals as well?

Juxtaminute said...

this story is super cool john. please don't shut down the site. I'm at the top of my animation class thanx to you man.

Michelangelo-Sama said...

Hey John,

I love your work, I've been following it for a long time. I am so glad that The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse will be coming to special edition DVD next year. I hope that you will be involved with the special features and audio commentary. It would be great if they let you do the cover art.

I was wondering if you knew when the Ultimate Ren & Stimpy DVD Collection will be released. I heard that this project would restore all of the footage that was not present on the previous releases and be 100% uncut.

Also will the Ripping Friends Complete series ever get released on DVD?

I heard that you are thinking about retiring? Is this true?

I would hate to see you throw in the towel. Have you ever thought about going to Adult Swim to pitch a new show. There are shows on that network that get away with so much, they would probably let you have free reign unlike Nick did.

Your cartoons are the best John. You are one of the last great cartoonist left. Please don't give up. We need you in the ever dying world of cartoons.

Thanks for all the laughs.

Scott Diggs Underwood said...

a continuing source of inspiration...
Kaspar is great.

Freckled Derelict said...

YES!!!!! Those last 3 panels/faces kill me, I'm in heaven!! MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

jon said...

Hey Mr K, Kaspar is really VERY funny. The facial expressions are just spot on. Your lessons about cartoon acting really show how its done in this post.

Also another big THANKYOU for this blog. You are a real inpiration and and a source of practical knowledge for my own cartooning efforts.

Please keep on with the blog. Maybe you could have the comments section open to 'invites only' to solve the problem of the barking mad opinion haters.

Thanks again!!

ArtF said...

ha ha! nice! i love Kaspar's expression in the last scene.

Vincent Waller said...

Thanks for morning story. Kaspar is great.

Paulo said...

I know you dont like long comments, but its the first and last time Im doing it

I really like your Kaspar drawings. In fact, everything here is awesome, I´ve learned a lot during the past 2 years, your approach is pretty much what I think a cartoonist, designer, animator, etc. should have.

But I´d like to know, are you really going to close this blog? It would be very sad :( I´m sure many people would pay to have access to your blog. I know most things you teach here are classic and everyone could learn by themselves, but you show it in a nice way and open the paths for us to continue to study what you think (and proves) is important. Is there a way we can still make contact? Please, give me some advice, I dont have much time to update, but I draw everyday what you taught.

Matt said...

So glad this blog is back, John. The internet's just not the same without John K.

I would love to see what Jim Smith would do with Kaspar, here. You should coerce him into drawing up a layout. I'm also wondering who you'd get to do the voice. For some reason, I think of how Kowalski sounded...

Shawn Dickinson said...

Those expressions as he looks at the undergarments are classic!

Lucas Nine said...

Tough guys don't beg, sir, but if this blog remains open certainly it will be appreciated.

Trevor Thompson said...

Hey John?

I'm trying to draw these Kaspar poses.

Where he's rummaging through the drawers, what is that object in the lower right hand side of the frame supposed to be?

I suspect it's a sock, but I can't be sure. Sorry!

- trevor.

Ollie said...

Hey John, this is great.

Maybe little horst could be kaspar's nemesis. If the ranger thinks little horst is the one responsible for all of kaspars destruction it'd make little horst want to stop kaspar if its the last thing he ever does.

What do you think?

mike f. said...

Haw haw!
You know, the action descriptions are so funny, you might wanna think about using a narrator for this show (like Roger Ramjet). That way they'll end up in the cartoon and won't go to waste.

James Nuttings Littlefilms said...

hello mr. John K, i am afraid i am going to have to beg you not to shut down your blog, it has been an incredible influence to me for the last year or so...i havent read a blog or website with anauthor that speaks so charismatically about cartoons as you do. Also, i don't think any other site has anotated great cartoons as well as you have done...i know my sucking up is unflattering, but your blog has doubled my knowledge of animation and abiltiy to draw and it has helped improve my animation 100000% anyway, thanks for reading (if you are reading) and thanks for all the great information.

talkingtj said...

not too long ago you did a drawing with kasper wearing a fez! i love when cartoon animals wear human clothing. to me it adds to their personality. kasper wearing a fez suggested a kind of conservative or radical streak, or am i reading too much into it? anyway, please consider the fez, at the very least i found it funny...though im probably the only one.

Bob said...

hey john I'm really happy to see your blog up today w/ a bunch of stuff. I'm going to make an archive of all the awesome stuff you posted jus in case you close the site.

BTW if you close the website could we still apply to the cartoon college you have. I have been doing lessons but been too busy to scan stuff. I will tomorrow and on Wednesday I'll post a link on your blog.

Thanks so much John!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mike. A narration would make it even funnier!
I'd love to see this made!

smackmonkey said...

Are the underpants from the clean drawer or the dirty drawer? Worn once? Twice? Love the expression of transcendent reverie on Kaspar's mug. Like he's fondly rememberiing his childhood potty training at the side of his parents in the woods. I mean, he is a bear and all. Pretty great!

There are many seasoned professionals that read this blog but never comment for fear of reprisal within the animation industry. The stage you have supplied here, albeit unintentional, for voicing dissent has been invaluable and certainly provided a kick in the pants to more than a few (myself included) who've subsequently decided to leave the industry for greener pastures.

I've always relied on the more knowledgeable amongst the animation illuminati for exposure to both the history of animation as well as its inspirational high points. You, Eddie, Mike F, Jim Gomez, Lynne Naylor, Chris Peterson, Chris Reccardi, and many others were fantastic to work alongside through the years and I learned much from the professional association. Reading this blog has been a way of getting a taste of that from afar.

I will miss your musings and, should you decide to extend invitations to a private version I hope you'll consider allowing me to continue reading. If not... Thanks and good luck in all you do.

jonjonson said...

Thanks for putting your blog back again John. I missed it for the week it was gone.

K. Nacht said...

music by De Vol.....