Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is There a Web Designer Volunteer?

I'm thinking seriously of breaking my blog up into different sites because the subjects are so scattered.

To start with I thought it would make sense to put all my comics, and storyboards on their own site. I would want to aim these at a wider audience than say the folks that come here to learn cartooning tips. So I can sell more advertising and make some money.

Anybody have any ideas how I could structure a comic/storyboard site?
Should I do it on a blog? Or a regular website where people can find the different chaacters and click them to read their stories?

Are there sites I should be looking at for ideas?

Here's my problem. When people try to tell me technical stuff, it sounds like this:

"blog format for the free form teaching and "check this out!" stuff. The static-ish traditional website can, and should be slicker and more youtube/portfolio like for people searching for entertainment and introductory info - can be fresh if built with modular approach and a good Content Management System (CMS) - Lots of Wordpress templates or even Joomla... Gotta feel comfortable around the backend of a website, but you get up to speed quickly, as you are currently with Blogger. Many options..."

I can't read that at all. That's how ignorant I am of computer lingo.